Lull between TV Shows

This is the span between my network TV shows season finales and my cable TV shows season premieres. I’m re-watching last season of some of my shows to refresh my memory for the new seasons. I used to spend my summers only reading. However, USA hooked me on their shows and now I balance my summers with reading and TV watching.
This summer I’m watching:
CommonLaw and Fairly Legal on USA– already airing

Rizzoli& Isles on TNT – airs June 5

NecessaryRoughness and Royal Pains on USA– air June 6

Dallas on TNT – airs June 13 (I grew up watching the original Dallas. I’m curious to see if this one will measure up to the original.)

BurnNotice and Suits on USA– airs June 14

The Closer on TNT – airs July 9 (Last 6 episodes of the series.)

Covert Affairand White Collar on USA– airs July 10
What are you watching? Do you have summer shows you enjoy or do you spend your time reading or enjoying another hobby?

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