Romance in TV

I was thinking about my love of romance books and how must of the TV shows I watch have romance to varying degrees in them. I’m always look for that happily ever after (HEA) for my favorite couples.
In the TV shows, it can be frustrating at times. The show spans years and often my favorite couples have to go through many ups and downs to get their HEA. It can be heart wrenching sometimes especially if the writers don’t follow through on the promise they build up. In books, I know by the end that the couple will get their HEA.
On Psych, Shawn and Juliet finally got together. I did enjoy the build up to their getting together. Also, the writers have written their story so well that nothing was lost when they finally did get together. They relationship is even better.
On Castle, we were left with Castle and Beckett finally taking their relationship to the next level. Here’s hoping the writers follow through in the fall with advancing their relationship.
On BurnNotice, Michael and Fiona have a love that goes through good times, bad times, and really bad times. I love how they’ve always been together even when they weren’t technically together. You can see how their relationship has grown over the seasons. They would die for each other and not think twice before doing it.
On Rizzoli& Isles, I’m hoping Agent Dean will be more of a regular this season. I want to see his relationship with Jane progress. It returns tonight on TNT.
Oh how I could go on about the romances throughout my TV shows. These are the first ones to come to mind. I don’t necessarily watch for the romance, but the romances add another level to the shows that intrigues me.
Do you watch TV shows for the romance? Any romances in TV you want to see happen or enjoy watching?

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