The Horrible E Word Isn’t So Bad

Last week, I set a goal to get active everyday. Okay, I’ll say it . . . to exercise everyday. Shockingly, it wasn’t as bad as I imagined it would be. By the end of the week, I had done so well with being active I didn’t want to ruin my progress. It was a great motivator.
I’m proud to admit I lost 3.2 pounds over the last week. I am doing Weight Watchers as well. I just started back actually keeping track of my points and doing better about what I eat. Exercising helped me to lose even more than just counting my points.
I feel better when I’m actually doing Weight Watchers and exercising. I can tell a difference in just a week.
It’s so hard to lose weight and keep it off when there are so many foods that taste delicious but aren’t good for us on a regular basis. Fast food is so easy and tempting. Don’t get me started on the scrumptious cheddar pretzels that are my downfall. I have to resist buying them when I go grocery shopping.
What do you do to lose or maintain your weight? 

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