Review In His Sights by Tina Beckett

The blurb for In His Sights caught my attention and made me want to read it. I really wanted to love it, but I didn’t. Don’t get me wrong. I like the book. It just wasn’t a page turner for me until it got closer to the end. The last quarter grabbed my attention.
Callie and Cole are thrown together and stuck in a foreign country going through the wilderness to get to safety. As they depend on each other, their relationship evolves. 

I enjoyed how Callie and Cole overcome their childhood issues to be with each other. I love how Cole changed by the end of the book and how protective he became of Callie and the baby she carried.
The book has a few other viewpoints besides just Callie and Cole. While these other points of view added to the book, I also think it allowed me to think that the change in viewpoints would be a good stopping point to put the book down for the night. So, it took me longer to read the book. I didn’t feel the urgency to find out what happens next until the last quarter of the book.
I recommend this book to anyone looking for a good contemporary romance book. 
3 Stars = A Good Read
Note: Review based on ARC from NetGalley.
During a hostile situation at the American embassy in Angola, Special Forces officer Cole Scalini is ordered to take out a suicide bomber and rescue a hostage. Simple enough for a sniper with his training, until he realizes that the woman in danger is neither a random nor a typical victim. She’s pregnant.

Callie Nascimento is carrying her sister’s baby as a surrogate when she
discovers her sister was killed under suspicious circumstances. Now Callie’s become a target. Her only hope for survival is a rebel of another kind, a handsome loner of a military man who’s risking his life to save her.

As Cole strives to keep Callie safe, fighting the terrain and terrorist attacks, his respect for her grows. She’s strong, capable and sexy as hell. But before he can explore if their attraction is something deeper, he has to get her safely back on U.S.soil. Because the enemy is much closer to home than they realize.

Available at        Kindle       Nook      Carina Press

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