A Recommended Read – All Out of Love by Lori Wilde Review

All Out of Love is book 2 in the Cupid Texas series from Lori Wilde. This book has  a witty, sassy heroine and a sexy, charming quarterback hero who is a cowboy at heart all wrapped up in one enjoyable read.

Lace has come a long way from the fourteen year old girl with a stutter and was humiliated with the letter she wrote to Cupid about her crush landing on the front page of the school paper. She’s an independent, sassy woman who is comfortable with her size fourteen body. Then life is turned upside down when her crush comes home after twelve years.

Pierce is down on his luck. He’s come home to heal and help out his sick dad. He’s never had  a problem getting exactly what he wants until he wants Lace. He loves a challenge. He sets out to win Lace over.

The witty banter between Lace and Pierce had me laughing out loud. In the next moment, I was pulled into the emotions and feeling their pain, their love, their heartache. I love when a book does that.  

An enjoyable read that I recommend to any reader looking for a great contemporary romance that has you turning the pages to see how Pierce will won Lace’s heart.

I’m looking forward to reading book one, Love at First Sight.

4 Stars = A Great Read

Note: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.


Cupid Texas Series, Book 2

Football star Pierce Hollister has fame, fortune, and beautiful women who’ll do anything for him…whether he asks them to or not. But when it all comes crashing down, Pierce finds himself back home, running the ranch in Cupid, Texas, wondering how it all went wrong.

But one thing is right: Lace Bettingfield. The former plain-Jane has turned into luscious knock-out—trouble is, she won’t even give him the time of day no matter how many passes he makes.

Being in love with your older brother’s best friend is awkward enough, and Pierce was the cause of Lace’s most embarrassing high school moment ever when her secret letter to him declaring her love landed right on the front page of the school newspaper! Pierce is still as stubborn, sexy, and arrogant as ever…but Lace is about to see that things aren’t always as they seem…especially when it comes to love.

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