Wish Me Tomorrow by Karen Rock Review & Recommended Read

Wish Me Tomorrow by Karen RockWish Me Tomorrow by Karen Rock is a heartwarming story that made me cry and smile. The topic of cancer will pull at your heartstrings just as much as the characters themselves. Eli and Christies captivated me with their journeys to find happiness in each other. Eli’s two kids added to the emotional journey.

The only downside for me was seeing the book end. I wanted to read more about these compelling characters.

I recommend this book to any reader looking for a sweet romance that will warm your heart. I’ll definitely read more books from Ms. Rock in the future.

4 stars = A Good Read

Note: I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Blurb from Karen Rock’s website:

Christie Bates worked hard to overcome the pain of her brother’s death as a teen, a path that led to her work as a grief counselor. When she meets cancer survivor Eli Roberts, she is touched by his obvious devotion to his children, all the more so after learning his wife left him during his treatments.

Yet no matter how drawn she is to Eli, Christie knows better than to risk her heart to the kind of loss that brought her to her knees once before. Except that, during the course of their friendship, Eli’s kids have already found a  place in her heart. And Eli’s strength of spirit has taught her to live – and  love- again. Soon Christie begins to see that love and family are worth any risk- even when forever isn’t guaranteed.

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