Weekend Reading and Renegade Passion Free at Amazon

I started If I Were You by Lisa Renee Jones yesterday. It hooked me right from the beginning. My plan is to read the rest of it this weekend. Look for my review next week along with my review of Blade Song by J.C. DanielsAlso, in the coming weeks more giveaways will be popping up on the blog. 
What are you reading this weekend? 

If you’re looking for a great book, Renegade Passion by Lisa Renee Jones is still free at Amazon today. (Always double check to make sure it’s still free before purchasing.)

Kindle Touch Lighted Cover

Picking a cover for your Kindle can be difficult. I had a hard time figuring out exactly what I wanted in a cover. Recently, I had issues with clip on light I use when I read. So, I looked through the covers on Amazon. I found the Amazon Kindle Touch Lighted Leather Cover.

In the past, this cover for the Kindle Keyboard had hook hinges to hold the Kindle in place. The Kindle Touch version has the Kindle popping in place. The cover is a little expensive, but I wanted a cover that I would like with a easy to use light since I read a lot on my Kindle.

I ordered one last week. I must say I have enjoyed it so far. The Kindle Touch is hold securely in place for hours of reading. The light is placed at the top center of the cover and lights up the entire screen well. The cover is comfortable to hold while reading. The light runs off the Kindle’s battery. I haven’t noticed a significant decrease in the Kindle’s battery when I use the light. I like the fact I don’t have to worry about my light going dim or having to change the batteries in the light.

I’ve had the cover a week and so far I recommend the lighted cover.

How Do You Buy Books?

I tend to buy books as they release, but it depends on how much money I have to spend. So, I’ve also got lists of books I want and use my wish list on Amazon to keep track of the ones I want to buy. If I haven’t read the first books in the series, I usually put the rest of the books on my to-buy list. 

I love having the books waiting for me on my Kindle to read. When I’m looking for a book to read, I go through my Kindle library to find the one I want. 

How do you buy books? Do you buy them as they release or do you have a to-buy list? 

My Kindle Love

I started reading ebooks long before Kindles and Nooks were available. The first formats I read were mobipocket and ereader on my PDA. I loved being able to take numerous books with me anywhere I went. Unfortunately, at the time not all books were available in ebook format. Some that where available were pricey. I found I read more books that I could find in ebook format and didn’t read many of the paper books I had sitting on my bookshelf. I was very happy when Kindle format became available. Now so many more books are available in ebook format. I rarely pick up a paper book.
I love my Kindle! I confess I have more than one Kindle. I got a Kindle Touch for my birthday back in November. I had a Kindle Keyboard and loved it. Then I got the Touch and my love increased. The little things the Touch can do that my Keyboard can’t made reading even easier. 
I love on the Kindle Touch how I can easy search titles, authors, collections, or most recent by using page number or beginning letter. It’s easier to select collections to add my books to because I can search without having to click through all the pages. The little differences make for an even more enjoyable read. 
I still read on my Kindle Keyboard as well. My dad finally gave in and bought a Kindle Touch. So far he enjoys it. He had an accident at work seven years ago that limits the use of his right hand. Holding a paper book in his hand and turning the pages is too difficult for him. The Kindle eliminates this problem.
Plus, my books sync across my devices. The Kindle app on my iPhone and iPad are easy to read on. My bookmarks and other notes sync from one device to another. No matter where I am I always have a book with me.
Do you read on an ereader or do you still read paper books?