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If I Were You Read Along


Join the read along fun as we read If I Were You chapter by chapter. It’s a great chance to re-read or read If I Were You and to interact with Lisa Renee Jones. This series is simply amazing! Go join the group on Goodreads and get ready for tons of fun on April 1. 

Big Release Day for Being Me

It’s finally here. . . Being Me is now available. I love this book! I want to read it again right now.

Check out my review here.

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Also, get If I Were You while it’s on sale.

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Being Me is a Must Read! ~ My Review

Being Me by Lisa Renee Jones, Book 2 in the Inside Out Trilogy

Being Me can be summed up in one word. . . wow! I was torn between needing to know what would happen next and not wanting the book to end. I could reread it right now and still be pulled into the emotions, the characters, the story.
The characters are the driving force. Sara and Chris are two broken people trying not to destroy each other as their bond draws them closer together. Sara and Chris keep me turning the pages. The emotions leap off the page and tugs your heart strings. I feel their love and their hurt as if they were standing in front of me. I feel like I know them.
The unanswered questions of what happened to Rebecca and the identity of Rebecca’s master are answered. We also get to know more about other characters from If I Were You. I want to tell you more, but reading and discovering the answers is so much better.
Being Me leaves you wanting more. The good news is you get more with Revealing Us. We only have to wait until September. It’ll be worth the wait.
I highly recommend this book. The Inside Out series is amazing! Definitely read them in order to get the full impact. You can get the reading order at www.lisareneejones.com/reading-order
5 Stars = Must Read
Note: I received an ARC of Being Me.

Blurb from Being Me:
The sexy second installment in the Inside Out erotic romance trilogy, following If I Were You—in the seductive tradition of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Fascinated by the dark fantasies in the journals she’s discovered, and the two men who have now found a place in her life, Sara McMillan finds herself torn between her new life and her past. Now, more than ever, Sara identifies with the missing journal writer, Rebecca, and is certain that something sinister has happened.

In the arms of the sexy, tormented artist Chris Merit, Sara seeks answers about Rebecca and ends up discovering things about herself she never knew existed. Chris forces Sara to reconsider who she is and what she truly wants from life, but his dark desires threaten to tear them apart. Her boss, Mark Compton, offers her the shelter to understand just what those needs mean to her, and what they might have meant to Rebeccabut can she trust him to lead her to a final conclusion to Rebecca’s story?

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If I Were You on Sale for $3.99

If I Were You by Lisa Renee Jones is on sale for $3.99 in celebration of Being Me’s release day. This price is for a limited time. Get your copy today. 

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Pre-order Being Me while you’re at Amazon. You’ll want to read this book as soon as you finish If I Were You. It’s an amazing read. I highly recommend reading Rebecca’s lost journals as well. Get the reading order at http://www.lisareneejones.com/reading-order. I’ll have my review up soon.

Updated – ARC Review If I Were You by Lisa Renee Jones (Recommended Read)

IF I Were You by Lisa Renee Jones has a gorgeous new cover and buy links after great news was announced. The news is here on Lisa Renee Jones’ blog. 

If I Were You is simply amazing! This book is a definite re-read for me. It left me wanting more of Sara and Chris and the intrigue around what happened to Rebecca (the journal’s writer).
The book is written in first person from Sara’s point of view. There were times I longed for Chris’ point of view. I wanted to know what was going on inside his head because he is such a compelling character. I wanted to know his deep dark secrets. However, the book wouldn’t work if we knew what Chris thought. To know the answers would take away from the intrigue and mystery of the book.
Sara is left with a storage unit and erotic journals to deal with when her friend runs off to elope. Sara finds she can’t sell off the belongings in the storage unit. The more she reads the journals, the more determined she becomes to find the owner, Rebecca, to return her possessions and figure out what happened to her. This desire leads to Sara taking Rebecca’s place at the art gallery, which starts Sara on a path to becoming what she wanted to be.
Sara is easy to relate to. She has a habit of rambling in uncomfortable silence or awkward moments. She’s someone you can see as having for a friend. She is torn between her desire to take the opportunity to change her life by working in the art gallery and finding Rebecca. Her relationship with Chris kept me turning the pages.
Chris is a mystery. He’s rich and famous but doesn’t act it. He prefers people to not know he is the famous Chris Merit. Chris wants to protect and care for Sara. His feelings for her make him act in ways that break the rules he has set out. He has a dark secret that he knows will make Sara run away. At the end of the book, we get a glimpse of his dark secret.
Sara’s new boss, Mark, is dominating. Mark and Chris seemed to have been friends once, but something happened between them. Adding another mystery to try and unravel.
The ending is a cliffhanger. I’m dying to know what happens. The second book, Being Me, is on my anticipated books list. I can’t wait for its release.
The romance between Sara and Chris made the romantic in my happy while the mystery behind Rebecca’s disappearance made the suspense lover in my happy. It’s a perfect blend of the two.
I recommend this book to any reader who is looking for an erotic romance with mystery, intrigue, and a hot alpha male who likes to take charge.
5 Stars = A Must Read (I will be reading this one again.)
Note: Review based on ARC provided by NetGalley.

Chris is dark, and so are his desires, but I cannot turn away.
The steamy first installment in the Inside Out erotic romance trilogy by Lisa Renee Jones, in the bestselling tradition of Fifty Shades of Grey. When Sara McMillan finds a stack of journals in a storage unit, she’s shocked and enthralled by the erotic life the writer led. Unable to stop reading, she vicariously lives out dark fantasies through Rebecca, the writer—until the terrifying final entry. Certain something sinister has happened, Sara sets out to discover the facts, immersing herself in Rebecca’s life.
Soon she’s working at the art gallery Rebecca worked at and meeting Rebecca’s friends. Finding herself drawn to two dangerously sexy men, the manager of the gallery and a famed artist, Sara realizes she’s going down the same path Rebecca took. But with the promise of her dark needs being met by a man with confident good looks and a desire for control, she’s not sure anything else matters. Just the burn for more.

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