Review – An Inconvenient Affair by Catherine Mann

An Inconvenient Affair grabbed me from the beginning. I couldn’t put the book downand at the same time I dreaded reaching the end because I’d have to say goodbyeto Troy andHillary.
Troy is a sexy, rich, alpha male whomakes you wish you were Hillary. I loved how his success and money is offset byhim not needing luxury everywhere. He has a hard time with being openly honest.It’s not that he lies. He just has a way to manipulate people to get what hewants. Now, he’s meet his match in Hillary.
Hillaryis able to surprise Troy and he never gets surprised. He can figure out aheadof time what others will do. Her being unpredictable adds to the chemistybetween them. I especially enjoyed how their issue gets resolved in the end.Let’s just say handcuffs are involved.
It’s bookone in Alpha Brotherhood series. I’m looking forward to the next in the series.
I recommend this book to anyone looking for a sexy read with an alpha male who will leave you breathless.
4.5 Stars- A Great Read (I would read it again)
Note: I requested thisbook from the author.  
Sometimeswrong feels oh-so right…
HillaryWright has always been a magnet for Mr. Wrong. Her latest left her in troublewith the law, and to clear her name, she’s agreed to an undercover sting—as the“date” for infamous Troy Donavan. The notorious hacker is now a government goodguy…and a sexy billionaire playboy. Troyhas a reputation as the sort of man she’s vowed to avoid, and his secretivenessadds fuel to Hillary’s distrust. But with his kisses like molten sin, herfierce resistance is melting. And being sensible in the face of suchoverpowering desire is just not an option.
The AlphaBrotherhood: Bound by an oath to make amends, these billionaires can conqueranything… but love.
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Just For Fun by Erin Nicholas Review – A Recommended Read

Loved Just For Fun! The Bradfords series by Erin Nicholas just keeps getting better and it was already amazing. Dooley had me in chapter one.
Dooley is the primary caregiver for his dad. Wow! I already liked Dooley, but after reading that he takes care of his dad at the expensive of falling in love, I was a goner for him. This fact added to the Dooley I already liked from the previous books in this series. Now I understand why he appears so laid back and easygoing. He doesn’t want a romance to take away from his dad and he’s fine with that. Let me just say wow again. As someone who’s taken care of a parent, I really admire this trait in Dooley.
Just For Fun is the perfect title because Morgan and Dooley get together just for fun. No commitments. No expectations. Just fun. Of course, the fun for the readers is how it turns into so much more than fun for both of them.
I completely understand what motives Dooley at the same time I understand Morgan’s motivations. Dooley wants to be there for his dad and not spend money. He’s tight with money because of his past. Morgan wants the stability of money and to make more than enough to share with those she loves because of her childhood. Now she has the opportunity for a job in California where she would make even more money, which is a huge temptation for her. Dooley won’t leave his dad and family. So even though Dooley and Morgan are in love, they have to come to terms with what they want and how that will effect their relationship.
The guys (Kevin, Sam, Mac, and Ben) add to the story. The advice they give Dooley for how to handle Morgan to the way they help Dooley figure out his relationship with Morgan is fun, humorous, and great to read. The references to the movie Pretty Woman are priceless. The friendships leap off the page. I feel like I know the characters and just reading what they say I know who said it.
A recommended read for any reader looking for a sexy, contemporary romance that’s full of laughs, love, and an incredibly sexy hero who reads romance books.
5 Stars – A Must Read
Note: I received an ARC of this book. 

There’s having fun… and then there’s falling in love.
The Bradfords, Book 4
It was a chance meeting, a spontaneous, hot moment, a never-to-be-repeated encounter. So when the gorgeous redhead he knows only as Sugar walks into the bar and heads straight for him, Doug “Dooley” Miller knows he’s in trouble. But he’s sure not going to mind.
She needs a date to some swanky something-or-other. He’s a fish-sticks-and-denim guy, but for a woman who’s not afraid to get naughty in an elevator, he can stand a couple days of smoked salmon and Armani.
Morgan James admits she doesn’t really know Doug, but she needs him to keep her mind-and hands-off her ex. A man who, despite the fact he stole her ideas, she’s afraid could charm her into repeating her mistakes. Only Doug can make her forget the weasel exists. Besides, it’s just this one time.
What started as not even a one-night stand has Dooley feeling things that he’s never felt before. And that’s outside of the bedroom. Don’t even get him started on what’s happening between the sheets. Why does he have a feeling that, as far as flings go, they’re doing something wrong? Then again, if they’re falling in love, they might just be getting that right.
Warning: Contains a woman who knows what she wants, a man who knows what he doesn’t want, and a proposition that shows them both that they’ve never really wanted anything like this before.
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Just the Way I Like It by Erin Nicholas Review – A Recommended Read

Just theWay I Like It is a short read that comes between books 3 and 4 in the Bradfords series. It gives readers of the series a glimpse of Jessica, Ben, Sam, Danika, Sara, and Mac. We get to see a little bit of their lives after their happily-ever-afters. Plus, we get a chance to see Dooley’s and Kevin’s points of view, which makes the anticipation of their books even greater.

A must read for anyone who has read the Bradfordsseries. Just the Way I Like It is a perfect compliment to the other books in the series.
5 Star – A must read
With friends like these… they may never date again!
A Bradfords series short story.
Out of their entire group of friends, Kevin Campbell and Doug “Dooley” Miller are the last bachelors standing. And if their friends’ wives have anything to say about it, they’re both going down-the sooner the better.
Sure, sometimes it’s torture to stand by and watch their friends enjoy true love. But all that touching, teasing, and goo-goo eyes? It gets old. Plus, Kevin and Dooley have their reasons for staying single, and a trio of meddling women can’t change that.
Or can they?
That’s the question that’s making them nervous. Very nervous…
Warning: This Bradford series epilogue contains six meddling friends, two sworn bachelors and a bunch of crazy set-ups. It’s also a sneak peek at the next two books where Kevin and Dooley do find true love…without any help from their friends.
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Just My Type by Erin Nicholas Review – A Recommended Read

Just My Type is another amazing read in the Bradfords series! I love each story in this series. Every time I’m reading one I think this one is my favorite then I read the next one and think nope this one is my favorite. They are each that great.

Sara is the youngest Bradford. She’s always been taken care of by her sister, Jessica, and brother, Sam. Things in her life have been arranged for her from childhood. She never does anything alone. Now, life is changing with both her siblings married and a baby on the way for Jessica. Sara decides it’s time to go after what she wants and she wants Mac no matter how resistant he is to the idea.
Mac is older than Sara and always thought of her like a sister until one day it all changed. Then one kiss from Sara and he can’t deny his feelings, but he can make sure he doesn’t act on them. Or can he?
Sara and Mac’s desire for each other heat up the pages and add to the conflict. Mac wants everything to stay the same and Sara simply wants Mac.
Sara gradually changes and becomes less of the princess that everyone believes her to be. She’s able to find out who she really is. There is one scene with a snake that gives me the heebie jeebies. Of course, I hate snakes. I must say I admired Sara more after that scene. She is far braver than me.
Mac is a smokin’ hot guy who doesn’t believe good girls are for him. Unfortunately for Sara, he thinks she’s a good girl. So she tries to become a woman he wants. Instead she finds the person she really is, which is exactly Mac’s type even though he didn’t know it.
Of course, there’s many bumps in the road to their happily ever after. Each bump had me turning the pages to find out how it would all work out.
I recommend this book to any reader wanting a sexy contemporary romance with fun and humor mixed in.
5 Stars: A must read
Warning: Contains hot sex at the beach, kinky online shopping and yes, cotton candy flavored body powder does exist.
There’s only one problem with the woman Jason Mac Gordon wants: she wants him back. But she’s off limits. Way off limits. She’s his best friend’s little sister, she’s too young and too innocent for him. Mac knows from past experience to hide his not-so-nice preferences from the nice girls he seems to attract. That definitely includes the woman he’s thought of as a sister for years. At least until recently…
Sara Bradford always gets what she wants, which is partly Mac’s fault. He’s helped spoil her for years. So she has no intention of taking no for an answer from him on anything—including his refusal to sleep with her. If he thinks she’s too innocent, then she’s just going to have to get un–innocent and show Mac that she wants him—the good, the bad and the sex toys.
But will Mac prove that he’s not the guy she thinks he is or will she convince him that she’s just his type after all?
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Recommended Read – Just Like That by Erin Nicholas

Image from Erin Nicholas’ website
Just Like That is pure fun and enjoyment. I love how the sexy, witty banter between Danika and Sam had me smiling and laughing out loud. 
After getting a glimpse of Sam and his character trait of never wanting to be needed in Just Right, I was hooked on how Danika changed him. He wanted to help her while at the same time he wanted to run in the opposite direction. He wanted to be needed by her. The idea of anyone else helping her killed him. That made me love Sam even more. 
Danika needs no one. She’s made sure of that because of her childhood. If it’s broken, she can fix it. However, she can’t fix a broken wrist and it kills her to have to ask anyone for help.
Sam doesn’t do relationships, period. One night and that’s it. So when Sam gives rules to his friends regarding Danika, I laughed out loud. It was priceless. That’s just one of the many moments that had me laughing.
Sam and Danika are the driving force of the story. These two characters make the book an outstanding read. The moment when they finally get together forever is perfect for them. The moment is symbolic and fitting for them. 
This book is filled with humor and sexy romance. I recommend this book to any reader looking for a contemporary romance with laughs and sexy banter.
5 Stars = A must read 
Some rules just beg to be broken.

Sam Bradford knows a lot about women and a lot about sex. Considering how much time he’s spent on both, it’s no wonder he’s regarded as something of an expert. So, when two women set him up with their sister for one purpose only-show her what great sex can really be like-he’s definitely willing and able.

Danika Steffen can take care of herself. With the right tools she can fix anything-even her needs in the bedroom. But her sisters know that if they want her to have a happily ever after, they need to show her that there are very good reasons to let a guy closer than arm’s length

This should all be a piece of cake for the notorious playboy. It won’t even violate his one-night-only rule. Until a date with Danika Steffen ends not in her bed, but with a trip to the ER.

Danika may have a broken wrist, but Sam’s the one suffering…an intense case of guilt. And instead of doing things to her, he only wants to do things for her. Which would drive her crazy if not for the sneaking suspicion that Sam needs a little TLC too. And damned if she doesn’t want to be the one to give it…

Warning: Contains an I’ll-do-it-myself girl who can fix anything, a commitment-phobic guy who can’t fix anything, and a whole new way to look at butter. Yes, butter.
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Recommended Read – Just Right by Erin Nicholas

Image from Erin Nicholas’ website

Just Right is just as fun the second time around. Jessica and Ben pulled me in just like before. 
Opposites attract or opposite desires for the future attract in this book. Ben doesn’t want to be a doctor anymore. Jessica can’t wrap her mind around Ben not wanting to help people. Conflict abounds between them.
It’s easy to understand why Ben doesn’t want to be a doctor anymore as his past is revealed. Ben’s decision leads Jessica to wonder if the fantasy she created around Ben is better than the reality. A potential promotion for Jessica has her trying to keep Ben out of trouble. The biggest trouble is the chance of losing her heart to the guy who doesn’t want to be committed to anything anymore.
The chemistry between them keeps pulling them together even through their attempts to resist. Ben believes Jessica is a good girl. Jessica has worked too hard on her good girl image to let Ben’s sudden bad boy ways detour her. It’s a tug of war with desire that keeps you turning the pages.
Erin Nicholas infuses humor and fun into the book. The conversations and innuendos add to the enjoyment. 
I recommend this book to any reader looking for a fun, sexy romance.
5 Stars = A must read 

If only he wasn’t so good at being bad…
Dr. Ben Torres, better-than-a-Boy-Scout, surgeon extraordinaire, has been interested in ER nurse Jessica Bradford-and her bright red peek-a-boo thong-for a long time now. But punching a patient in the nose-and the subsequent suspension-is probably not the best way to get on her good side.
Or is it?
Jessica is one step away from the big promotion she’s worked for all her professional life, and now everything rides on her ability to keep Dr. Perfect-aka handsome, heroic Ben-on a short leash until the potential lawsuit blows over. And to keep her raging crush on him under wraps.
First order of business is to pry her knight in shining scrubs’ perfect ass off a bar stool. Except he refuses to move until she agrees to-and then loses-a bet for 48 hours of her undivided attention.
It’s all downhill from there. And despite herself, Jessica can’t help but give in to the temptation to go down with him.
Warning: Contains hot love in a store dressing room and in the front seat of a car-at the expense of a very nice strawberry patch, unfortunately-oh, and hooker boots. Can’t forget the hooker boots.

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Recommended Read – Cupcakes and Killer Heels by Heidi Rice

Image from Heidi Rice’s website

HeidiRice is another new to me author who I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I will definitely be looking for her next release.
The witty banter between Ruby and Callum had me turning the pages. Ruby is independent and says what she thinks making her the perfect match for Callum. However, never of them is looking for the perfect match.
Each has to work their family history to overcome what’s holding them back. It’s a bumpy ride at times that makes you want to shake some sense into them. The ending is very fitting for Ruby and Callum.
I recommend this book to any reader looking for a hot, contemporary romance that will melt her heart.
Warning: You might want to eat a cupcake or two while reading.
Ruby Deilsantro never blushes…
But after on glance from the infuriating Callum Westmore’s bedroom eyes she’s blushed redder than a glacé cherry. Her body has the right idea, for now Callum’s convertible has crashed into her life nothing will ever be the same…
Cupcake baker Ruby has always been in the driving seat when it comes to relationships, but something tells her that Callum sees straight through her snappy one-liners to her soft-as-buttercream heart beneath.
Now Ruby’s in danger of losing control and – worse still – of liking it!
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